Care of GF Baked Treats

While my baked goods do not require refrigeration to keep from spoiling, I do recommend keeping them in the fridge to prolong their life. Gluten-free baked good dry out and grow stale more quickly than standard baked goods and keeping them chilled helps keep them tasting better longer. They also freeze well for added longevity.

Cookies and cakes can be left on counter for a few days. If keeping longer than that, place them in the freezer and remove a few minutes before enjoying. Breads and pies should be tightly wrapped and store in the fridge. Fruit breads do best in the fridge and can be enjoyed cold or microwaved for a few seconds to help bring them back to life.

My "butter"cream frosting is counter safe and requires no refrigeration. If you choose to put a frosted item into the fridge, I recommend letting it set out on the counter for 25-30 minutes before eating to fully enjoy the frosting.