About Me

My name is Cherie (share-ee). I'm a lifelong avid baker who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I'm also the oldest in my family, so I naturally have a nurturing spirit, and as a child, my mom instilled in me the art of the kitchen craft and a love for all things that come out of the oven.

I was diagnosed with a severe wheat allergy in January 2002 and then found out the very next month that I also had celiac. Fun! Yay! Except, not. There was nothing in the marketplace for gluten-free peeps like me except disgusting cardboard cookies, soggy brown rice noodles, and weird crackers.

No thanks.

After a short while, I decided to make lemonade out of the lemons life had handed me and started the journey into mastering gluten-free baking. Along the way I started a GF mix business called Glutenada and eventually branched into baked goods I sold at local farmer's markets and on my website. Cookies, brownies, cupcakes in containers, and more.

Over the years, I've developed further allergies. Now my life is also dairy free (I sure miss cheese and sour cream!), soy free, mostly corn free, dye free, and a long laundry list I shall not bore you with. I thought life was difficult learning the ropes as a new GF person but you add in soy and dairy and it makes that previous "just GF" life seem like a day at the theme park.

After a brief pity party (those can be such fun!), I pulled up my big girl pants and set out to prove that no matter what new, silly allergies get thrown at me, I'll rise above and still make things that taste SO good - you'll never know they are missing the gluten, soy, dairy... and more.

We relocated to gorgeous Corpus Christi area in September 2023 and I quickly discovered there were no dedicated GF bakeries here, so I decided to hang out my shingle and provide delicious treats to the amazing people who call this area home.

Welcome to the She Loves Cake GF Bakery!

Cherie Rene in various silly poses