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CLOSED: Star Wars preorder

CLOSED: Star Wars preorder
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Our price: $35.00

Welcome to the Star Wars preorder! I am so excited to bring you this collection in honor of The Last Jedi on December 15th, 2017.

** Please note that if you order other products with Star Wars sampler, they will not ship until their specified ship date AND you will pay shipping for the additional items.

** No photo is shown here. There are those who wanted to be surprised by their sampler. If you *must* see the shapes before purchase, copy and paste the following url to view the photo. Please do not share this or show others. Respect their decision to be surprised. Thank you!

** Each Sampler consists of 8+ shapes in 9 different scents. Your sampler is 25+ ounces and is $35, shipped. (see below for international shipping)

** The sampler will come packaged in a white box with a unicorn Star Wars scene on the lid.

** Preorder will be open until November 19th OR as long as inventory lasts. There are 100 Star Wars Samplers available for sale. Once they are sold, that's it - we're done.

** Star Wars Samplers will ship on December 11th to arrive just in time for The Last Jedi.

** Stickers included will be Star Wars themed and each sampler will include a full size unicorn logo in one of the SW poses. Collectible and limited edition!

** Scents included in this sampler are...

- leather and coffee cake
- patchouli and honeyed gingerbread
- black licorice pound cake
- gooey marshmallow cake pops
- black cherry butter cookies
- candy cane mocha
- cotton candy lemon squares
- rice krispie s'mores around a roaring fire
- coconut cookies and Dole pineapple whip

** Thank you for supporting my small business! :)

** International shipping: you will be invoiced an additional shipping charge sometime before your order ships.