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Monthly Boxes

Monthly Boxes, woo hoo! Read on for full details :)

** Monthly Boxes are available for purchase until the 3rd Sunday of the previous month or sold out, whichever comes first. (ie: February 18th for March's box, March 18th for April's box, etc)

** There will be 60 available each month. When those sell out, that's it - no more!

** These will ship out by the 2nd Monday of the month. (March 12th, April 9th, etc)

** Each Monthly Box consists of up to 10 different blends in 24 ounces of wax in that month's theme, 3 ounce Sugar Scrub, and 2 ounce Room Spray. Wax *could* be a combination of: chunks, mini loaves, clammies, shapes, bark, or more.

** Each Monthly Box will come collectible stickers matching that month's theme as well as a larger sticker across the top of the box.

** The boxes are $40, shipped. (US addresses only). If you live outside the US, you will be charged additional shipping depending upon location and cost to ship to you.