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Gift certificate

Give the gift of scrumptious bakery wax to your bestie, family members, co-workers, the neighbor, and more with a She Loves Cake Gift Certificate. Available in any denomination over $10, a gift cert is the perfect gift if you're short on time or aren't quite sure what scents your recipient might like. Scroll down and let's get gifting!

Gift certificate verification

If you have a gift certificate, you can check its current amount and status here.

Gift certificate details

1. Who are you sending this to?
The gift certificate will include the sender's name, the recipient's name and a message.
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2. Add a message
Enter the text that the recipient will see in the email
3. Choose an amount
Specify the amount in currency.
$ * minimum dollar amount: $10.00
4. Recipient's email address
Enter the email address of the person you are sending the gift certificate to.
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