> Final Preorder

Final Preorder

Welcome to the Final Wax Preorder Blow-Out! Short story for those who do not know: I am closing the wax portion of my business due to chronic back issues that prohibit me from being able to stand the long hours necessary to fill wax orders. Sad. :(

But before I go, I'm doing one final massive preorder blowout so you can get your fill! Please read through ALL of the information below so you are aware of all the important details.

** Preorder Start time: Thursday, May 3rd, at 8am pacific time. While you can add items to your cart before the start time, you will be unable to checkout and pay. Get your carts ready so you can get a jump on ordering when I turn on the checkout.

** Preorder End Time: Sunday, May 6th at 8pm pacific time. Get your order finished before then. No exceptions. When it closes, that's it!

** TAT for this preorder could be up to 12-16 weeks, depending on how insane the preorder is. Please do not order if you cannot wait this length of time. Please note, the TAT clock starts on MONDAY, May 7th. AFTER the preorder ends.

** There will be NO refunds for anything ordered. The day this preorder ends, all supplies will be purchased to make everything.

** No order combining for this preorder. No birthday club melts or newsletter promos. Trying to keep things lean and streamlined so I can get them done and out the door!

** ALL orders will ship out at the same time. Once everything is done, we'll be doing several days of packing orders only and then out they all go!

** The Harry Potter Box MUST be ordered separately. If you order the HP box and other products at the same time, your order will be canceled and refunded *after* the preorder sale ends. Don't risk losing your order! Make sure you are ordering HP separately. :)

** There are limits on several items (noted on each item's page) but the remainder of the products are unlimited. Limited items include: Smash-Up Loaves, Harry Potter boxes, and Pop10 Clams.

** Cart Jumping. For the limited quantity items, that's probably going to happen. The system will allow you to add it to your cart and then it will deduct from the inventory once an order is placed. This is the one and only time I've had a limit that I expect is going to result in unhappy purchasers. I despise the frantic nature of rushing to get something while it's available and I debated on whether to add items with quantity limits at all. But in the end, I decided that it was rather apropos to the whole Final Preorder concept. If there was ever a time for a Hunger Games finale, it's in this situation.

** I am accepting no special requests for anything in this preorder. What I'm offering is shown below with all available options. To keep it fair to everyone, no special exceptions for anyone.

** This will be my last preorder for a bit. I'm planning on taking a hiatus once these orders are filled and shipped. How long? I'm unsure. We are hoping to move this fall into a larger home (with a pool!) so it could be until after that. I'll keep you all updated on my FB group and page. :)

** Thank you ALL for your support and kindness to me. I have *loved* making all these smell goods for you and am looking forward to returning with a few items and maybe a surprise or two. Have fun shopping! <3