> Chocolate PO (closed)

Chocolate PO (closed)

Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Please read through all the preorder information. :)

** Preorder Start time: Friday, August 3rd, at 10am pacific time.

** Preorder End Time: Sunday, August 5th at 8pm pacific time. Get your order finished before then. No exceptions. When it closes, that's it!

** TAT for this preorder could be up to 6 weeks, depending on how insane the preorder is. Please do not order if you cannot wait this length of time. Please note, the TAT clock starts on MONDAY, August 6th. AFTER the preorder ends.

** There will be NO refunds for anything ordered. The day this preorder ends, all supplies will be purchased to make everything.

** No order combining for this preorder. I am accepting no special requests for anything in this preorder. What I'm offering is shown below with all available options. To keep it fair to everyone, no special exceptions for anyone.

** ALL orders will ship out at the same time. Once everything is done, we'll be doing several days of packing orders only and then out they all go!