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TAT Updates

SHE LOVES CAKE - CLOSING (November 5, 2018)

Once the themed boxes are sold - She Loves Cake will be closed for all future business. I am selling my scent blend formulations to another vendor and will announce that information here soon. Thank you for your support over the past year+. I appreciate all of you :)

CHOCOLATE PREORDER (September 17, 2018)

The Chocolate Preorder items all have shipping and are heading to the PO this afternoon. At this point, the only outstanding orders are the Tim Burton/Harry Potter preorder that will ship by mid-October.

As I mentioned before, I'll be selling my blended FO's but I'll be adding perfumes and room/body sprays to this. I can comfortably do those sitting down so you can still scent your room, your car, your gym bag, and yourself with some She Loves Cake.

We were supposed to be moving end of September but this has been pushed back to end of October AND the meds my rheumatologist has me on have been helping my back... soooooo.. I'll have the time now to make up mystery boxes so I can use up my extra wax. These will be listed on the website under RTS **once they are finished** :D

- I don't have a date yet - I'll announce it here when I do.

- I don't know how many mystery boxes I'll have. I have leftover wax/fragrance oils I'd like to use up rather than sell, so it will depend on how much is remaining.

- Each box will have wax (in chunks, waffles, loaves, bark, shapes, etc) and *could* contain roll-on perfume, sugar scrub, room spray, or even a SLC glass water bottle or wax cutter!

- These will be first come, first served.

- No special requests. Boxes will be packed and ready to ship before being listed on the site.

- I'll have 2 sizes, small and regular. Pricing information will be announced later.


The Chocolate Preorder items will be going out on Monday, September 17th - right at the 6 week TAT that was promised :)

I still have some RTS items plus the last box preorder that starts at 5pm pacific tonight and ends next Friday, or when boxes are sold out: Tim Burton Haunted Halloween (125 boxes available) and Harry Potter (25 boxes available).

Once these are made and shipped, I'll be doing a limited time special on my scent blends which will be available in 8 and 16 ounce sizes. You can use these to make your own melts, room sprays, and if they are b/b safe (will be clearly marked), sugar scrubs, lotions, perfumes, soap, etc.


All Final Preorder items shipped out today and should be received by Thursday/Friday. In addition, I had random gifts and bonuses for some of the outgoing packages. The decision in what to include was based on... nothing. An order was picked by my husband and placed on the packing table. I would then randomly pick a bonus and put it with a random order. If you were fortunate to get a bonus, ENJOY!

Thank you all for your orders! I hope you love everything :)


The TAT for the Final Preorder which took place May 3-6 was 12-16 weeks. That puts the stated ship dates as sometime between the weeks of July 30th and August 27th. If you ordered from this preorder, your order will ship no later than the week of August 27th. However, I'm planning to get them out starting the week of July 22nd if possible.

All the Harry Potter boxes shipped out several weeks ago. What is left is everything else from the FP.


ALL orders are now shipped out! The only outstanding orders are from the Final Preorder.

I am currently working on the Room Sprays, Perfumes, Sugar Scrubs from the Final Preorder. I will then be moving on to the Harry Potter boxes. Once those are finished, they will be shipped out. Then the wax pouring begins.

The goal is still to get all orders out before the end of June :)


All May KIDS boxes shipped out today, Saturday. The remaining outstanding preorders (this is NOT a Final Preorder update) are the custom wax chunks and house blend wax chunks (already finished), House Blend Room Sprays (already finished), Custom Room Sprays (already finished), and Sugar Scrubs (already finished).

The Final Preorder has a TAT of 12-16 weeks starting Monday, May 7th. I am shooting to have everything out well before that if humanly possible. :)

NEW WAX CHUNK UPDATE (April 7, 2018)

If you placed an order for *custom* wax chunks, you should have received an email concerning the TAT on these. Unfortunately, they are going to be delayed until the week of May 14th due to 2 weeks of being unable to work much at all with this crushing back pain. I'll be adding multiple extras into each order to thank you for your patience in waiting.

All other preorders are meeting the stated TAT.

WAX CHUNK TAT UPDATE (April 2, 2018)

I've been battling crippling back pain for nearly 2 weeks which causes me to be very limited in how much I can do each day before my back freaks out and puts me on the couch.

Super frustrating but I'm not going to hit the Wax Chunk TAT. It is not possible for anyone to be more upset at this than I am.

The newly projected shipping date is by Monday, April 9th. I'm very sorry for this delay.

Everything else is going to be on time with the exception of customs. I'll update as soon as I'm back to work and off the couch!
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