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TAT Updates

NEW WAX CHUNK UPDATE (April 7, 2018)

If you placed an order for *custom* wax chunks, you should have received an email concerning the TAT on these. Unfortunately, they are going to be delayed into May due to 2 weeks of being unable to work much at all with this crushing back pain. I'll be adding multiple extras into each order to thank you for your patience in waiting.

All other preorders are meeting the stated TAT.

WAX CHUNK TAT UPDATE (April 2, 2018)

I've been battling crippling back pain for nearly 2 weeks which causes me to be very limited in how much I can do each day before my back freaks out and puts me on the couch.

Super frustrating but I'm not going to hit the Wax Chunk TAT. It is not possible for anyone to be more upset at this than I am.

The newly projected shipping date is by Monday, April 9th. I'm very sorry for this delay.

Everything else is going to be on time with the exception of customs. I'll update as soon as I'm back to work and off the couch!